The anniversary of a couples wedding day is something to be celebrated. When planning a party and considering a theme, it is important to keep in mind the comfort level of the anniversary couple.

Here are some themes you can use for each year that passes. Every wedding anniversary has a symbolic traditional name and modern equivalent that you can use as a theme for the anniversary party.

First anniversary

Paper and clock: Base your theme around the passing of time, or the movie “Under the Clock”, a 1945 American romantic drama film starring Judy Garland and Robert Walker

Second anniversary

Cotton and China: A toga party or a meal out at your favourite Chinese restaurant will fit the bill

Third anniversary

Leather and Crystal/Glass: Book a club with leather seating with the drinks of your choice in crystal glasses, or create the same at home.

Fourth anniversary

Linen and Fruit/Flowers: a glamorous meal with linen tablecloth and napkins and a spectacular centrepiece of flowers and fruit that the couple can take home.

Fifth anniversary

Wood and Silverware: if the weather’s good consider a picnic outdoors under the trees with a hamper of your favourite foods. Replace the plastic cutlery with silverware to keep in theme.

Sixth anniversary

Iron and Sweet/Sugar: with the iron, theme your party around the board-game Cluedo or perhaps decorate your venue as a sweet store with jars of the couples favourite confectionery.

Seventh anniversary

Copper/Wool and Desk: if you’re having a winter party, a fancy dress sweater competition with a desk set as the prize for the individual chosen by the couple as the best/worst dressed! Or use the copper colour in streamers and balloons to decorate your venue.

Eighth anniversary

Bronze and Pottery: book a party at your local ceramic store to create your own work of art. These can then be gifted to the couple.

Nineth anniversary

Willow or Copper and Linen or Lace: theme your event around the outdoors with a luxurious picnic under a willow tree. Or perhaps have a theme around Cyprus from which copper was named.

Tenth anniversary

Aluminium/Tin or Leather: a milestone anniversary, plan a party based on the decade just passed. Dress in the fashion of the noughties and play the music that you loved and get people dancing.

Fifteenth anniversary

Crystal and Watches: a meal in a grand ballroom with crystal chandeliers, the best glassware or a fortune teller theme with a crystal ball.

Twentieth anniversary

China and Platinum: another milestone anniversary and a chance to have a big party with red and platinum as your main décor colors. Have Chinese lanterns and fine china. Music from the 1990s and dress-code from that era too will bring back memories.

Twenty-fifth anniversary

Silver: silver décor combined with mementoes of the couples wedding will start the reminiscing at a party for all family and friends. Get cardboard cut-outs of the couple at the entrance by the guests signing in book and hear all about the couples wedding day.

Thirtieth anniversary

Pearl/Ivory or Diamond: go back to the 1980s with a party with a boom box and dress code for everyone to dress up like Michael Jackson, Madonna and other stars of the decade.

Thirty-fifth anniversary

Coral or Jade: create a beach theme or hold a party at the Seaworld centre.

Fortieth anniversary

Ruby: Red is the colour for your party. Have party games to include couples (not just the guests of honor) answering questions that are supposed to indicate how well they know one another.

Forty-fifth anniversary

Sapphire: Sapphire comes in many colours, so your palette is broad for décor. Create a ‘This is your life” theme and surprise them a visit from their bridesmaid or best man.


Gold: Include lots of photos and memories at this anniversary celebration. Collect anecdotes from those who cannot attend and create a movie that can play before the party. Record messages from guests on the day on film and in writing that the couple can take home.

Fifty-fifth anniversary

Emerald: The Emerald Isle of Ireland can be your theme if it suits the couple’s heritage.

Sixtieth anniversary

Diamond: A major milestone, you may want this event to be a more intimate and family focused occasion at a restaurant or at home.

Sixty-fifth anniversary

Blue Sapphire: the stone of destiny why not have a “Wheel of Fortune” game to solve word puzzles with the couple’s close friends or family.

Seventieth anniversary

Platinum – get a platinum record (a song that’s sold a million singles or two million albums) from the time they first met, sing along together and share memories.

Eightieth anniversary

Oak: have a simple oak tree planting ceremony at home or in the wilds that you can revisit in the years ahead.

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