couple partyCongratulations on staying together through the good times and the challenging times. Whatever your reason for renewing your vows, we will help you plan the celebration to be everything you want it to be. Whether you are organising a renewal of vows to celebrate a significant anniversary, to add a religious or legal element to your marriage contract or because your first wedding was not what you wished for due to finances or family problems, or you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after some difficult times, we will guide you through organising a renewal of vows that is meaningful for you both.

The ceremony

A vow renewal ceremony can be as simple or as extravagant as you both wish. It can be as simple as the two of you alone in a beautiful spot reciting vows you have written, or a big event witnessed by hundreds of guests. Concentrate on those elements that are important to you.

You do not need an officiant at your renewal of vows unless your original marriage has not been legally recognised. You can ask a judge or religious leader to officiate, but you can also ask a friend or adult child to lead the ceremony.

Your vows

If you do not want to repeat the original vows from your wedding, you can write your own vows to include sentiments created and promises made since you have been married. You might like to incorporate words that have meaning for you both from literature, religious texts or your favourite song.

The celebrations

You may choose to follow your vow renewal with dinner for two at your favorite restaurant, but if you want to book a banquet hall and dance the night away to music from a live band with family and friends, book it! Remember to factor in the costs of catering and alcohol as these will be your biggest expenses.

A fun touch at the party is to repeat an element from your wedding. You do not want to replicate your wedding, but having the same floral arrangements made for the day or a dessert from your wedding added to the menu is a nice touch.

Choose a date

An anniversary or a date that is special to the two of you is a nice touch for the renewing of vows made on your wedding day. However, if you are planning to invite guests, choose a date when they will be able to attend as a weekday with work obligations may make it impossible for people to attend.

Who to invite

You could invite friends, relatives, and co-workers as you would for a big wedding or renew your vows together, just the two of you. At a vow renewal ceremony, you are not expected to have attendants, though you may want to invite your original bridal party and recognize them during the ceremony.

Your venue

You could return to the place where you were originally married if that is local to you. Alternatively you can choose a place that is meaningful to you both, whether that be the house of worship you attend together, the restaurant where you had your first date, your dream hotel or another place that has meaning for you both.


Hire a professional photographer and ask guests to share pictures they have taken on a photo-sharing website online. After the event you and your spouse can choose which photos you would like in a photo book as a reminder of your renewed vows you are taking into your future together.

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